Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer

TWO-TIME GRAMMY® Award Winners, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer are master musicians with a career spanning over 35 years. Cathy & Marcy have performed at hundreds of bluegrass and folk festivals and taught at close to 100 music camps,

Victor & Penny

Victor & Penny deliver swing-infused folk-jazz in the band’s signature high-energy style with joy, humor, and soaring musical improvisation.  This corset-tight group brings a modern Kansas City voice to their original tunes and prohibition era jazz with sterling musicianship.


Every KYukefest starts out with a rousing performance from the one and only Mim. She gets the crowd going with her unique twist on vintage classics.

Petey Mack

Known for his jovial nature and irresistible dance moves, you won’t want to miss his group singalong, or his irrepresible sense of humor.

Devin Scott

Devin Scott doesn’t just bring the ukulele dance party – he is the party. He will wow you with his ukulele skills while enchanting you with his amazing fashion sense. 

Four String Fiasco

Jonathan Piercy will get your mojo working with his funky funky fresh ukulele stylings. Try to keep up as he thrashes down on covers and originals.

Festival Schedule

8:00 Coffee Times Coffee Shop – Breakfast Boogie with Devin Scott
Ukulele brings Devin a great deal of joy, and has made it his goal to play for as many people as he can. “It’s so amazing to watch an entire group of people enjoy something so much together.” Jumpstart your morning with some java and joy!

Daytime hours – to be determined KYuke artists perform in local schools

ROOM A Put up your ukes! A class for total beginners of all ages with Petey Mack Never touched a uke? No problem. Petey Mack will teach you everything you need to know to get started. Don’t have a uke? We’ve got 30 ukuleles to share!

ROOM B Teaching Ukulele to Kids with Sarah Smitha Do you want to teach ukulele to kids? Sarah Smitha of Candy Mountain Music will help you set yourself up for success! 

6:30pm ROOM A Youth Ukulele Open Mic for 25 & under hosted by Mim An open mic for all skill levels. Whether you’ve been playing a week, or playing for years, we’re ready for you! Look for festival favorites The Wallace Sisters to make an appearance.

8:30pm ROOM A Devin’s Ukulele Dance Party Armed with a ukulele and a big, unexpected voice, Devin Scott easily entertains audiences of all ages. Performing everything from R. Kelly to Patsy Cline, Devin aims to include every one of his listeners. “It’s just more fun when people are enjoying and participating, so I try to make sure that everyone has something they can sing along to.” 

Class codes: I/Intermediate, B/Beginner, All/All levels


ROOM A (I/A) ARRANGING: What’s in Your Toolbox? with Victor and Penny
So you found the chords to that great song you want to learn. Now what? Jeff Freling and Erin McGrane of Victor & Penny show you helpful tips and techniques to take that song you love and make it your own. We’ll talk about what makes a great song great as we explore key elements of arranging such as intros and tags, interesting chord substitutions (including beefing up with jazz chords), strumming styles, finding the right key for you, dynamics and more. Show your style and mix it up with panache and confidence to sound your best and make a song your own. There will be Q&A time at the end of the workshop. LEVEL: All are welcome; best suited for ukulele players intermediate and above. Basic knowledge and proficiency on your instrument preferred.

ROOM B Ear training 101 with Cathy Fink You CAN do it. You were BORN with ear training, and Cathy can show you how to make it work for you! 

ROOM C (B/I) “Chika chika wow: funk techniques for the ukulele” Are you funky enough to chika, chank, and chunk? You will be! Jonathan Piercy (aka Jonathan and his Four-String Fiasco) gives it to you one time with some techniques of rhythm, syncopation, and fret-hand muting that will improve your playing whether you’re getting your funk on or not. Some knowledge of barre chords would be useful.

10:45am– 11:45am
ROOM A (B) From Seat to Stage:  Map out your musical journey with Mim’s Ukes When you see people on stage do you think, “I could never do that!”  Well, sorry to break this to you, but EVERYONE can! From finding your unique voice, conquering your fears, stagecraft, skipping the school of hard knocks, and taking the stage like a seasoned performer; This will be a workshop about finding where you are now, setting goals, finding your musical self, taking the first step and you… yes YOU… will be on your way to taking the stage.

ROOM B (B/I) Ukulele As A Rhythm Instrument
Want to play more confidently and musically? Erin McGrane and Jeff Freling of Victor & Penny show you the difference between just strumming along and driving the rhythm. Learn simple but effective strumming techniques and delve into the styles of swing, hot jazz, and gypsy jazz. Rock steady rhythm is the backbone of every good song so jump on the train! | LEVEL: All levels welcome, basic knowledge and proficiency on your instrument recommended.

ROOM C (All)  (B/I)  Clawhammer Ukulele with Cathy Fink The classic banjo-style adapts beautifully to ukulele’s tuned with a high g. Learn the basic right-hand technique and how it works with the left hand for a whole different sound.  

ROOM D (I/A) 12th Street Rag & Rockin’ the Uke with Marcy Marxer Learn these 2 classics by Roy Smeck, “The Wizard of the Strings” taught to Marcy by the master himself. Includes right hand tricks and techniques.

Noon To 1:30pm ROOM A Lunch

ROOM A (All) Practice Techniques with Cathy Fink
Make the most of your practice time, become a better uke player faster by being organized and thoughtful about when and how to practice. You’ll be surprised AND pleased at the difference it makes.  

ROOM B (I/A) Cocktail Party Favorites for Ukulele with Marcy Marxer We’ll draw from the classic recording CUGI’S COCKTAILS by Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra released in 1963. We’ll play interesting chords and melody on songs like: Cocktails for Two, Rum and Coca-­‐Cola, One Mint Julep, Zombie, Manhattan and many more.

ROOM C (B/I) Jonathan Piercy Under the Covers What’s the difference between a good cover and a great cover? In this workshop, Jonathan Piercy (of Four String Fiasco fame) will show you how to find the “finesse points” that can take your cover up a notch and really make it yours. In the second half of the workshop, you’ll have a chance to play one of your songs and we’ll talk about how to punch it up. Recommended level: advanced beginner to intermediate.

Banjolele flash-mob.
Lexington Public Library Rotunda, Central Library Branch, 140 E Main St, Lexington.

ROOM A James Hill Ukulele Way Meetup with Danielle Hunt

4:00 – 6:00pm Break.
Explore the city – jam with your friends!

ROOM A 6:30pm-8:30ish Saturday Concert
Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, Victor and Penny, Jonathan and his Four String Fiasco and Mim.

9:30 – Afterparty and Open Mic at Goodfellas Pizzaria with special guests Jonathan and his Four String Fiasco, Danielle Hunt, When Ukuleles Attack, and Richard Cisneros.
Free admission, cash bar and menu. 



ROOM A (I/A) Performance Skills Masterclass with Victor and Penny
We’ll take it to the next level in this hands-on open-mic style class in a safe, encouraging environment. You get to present your song and work on it one-on-one with V&P to hone your performance and ask questions. This is a great chance to gain experience and have some fun.  LEVEL: This class is best for the intermediate to advanced player with an opportunity to receive feedback on your prepared piece. First come, first served! Not everyone will make it up to the mic, but you’ll learn from every critique.

ROOM B (B/I) Ukulele Chord Extravaganza with Marcy Marxer
1. Introduction with warm-­‐ups and stretches
2. Learn Basic Major scales and how they work.
3. Learn 150 chords in 30 min.
4. Learn a step-­‐by-­‐step chorded melody version of Roy Smeck’s classic hit Bye Bye Blues.
5. Learn a step-­‐by-­‐step version of the Jazz tune Caravan.

ROOM C (B/I) The First Songwriting Workshop You’ll Ever Need Richard will happily show you the basics of songwriting! Including the songwriter’s vocabulary, song structure, and the who, what, where and when of songwriting. For beginner and intermediate players, but all are welcome! 

ROOM D (All) “Care And Feeding Of The Ukulele” with Mim’s Ukes.
Tips and tricks from Mim to make your ukulele as playable and tone-rich as possible. 

ROOM E (All) Musicianship Skills The Art of Playing Well With Others with Danielle Hunt
How to make the most of your time playing with others whether in a jam, ensemble, community strum group, classroom or workshop. This workshop will explore the essential elements of playing well with others, many of which also apply to solo ukulele time.  

The workshop will cover keeping the beat, rhythm and strumming at any skill level, getting back in, blending, preparedness, following versus leading, harmony choices for you and your ukulele and listening skills to keep it all together.  We’ll explore these concepts with practical play along pieces that all levels will enjoy learning together as a group.  

This workshop is open to all with a differentiated focus that will benefit players of all skill levels. 

ROOM A (All) Communitywide Singalong with Petey Mack

Pete utilizes group singalongs to encourage and motivate players to have the self-confidence to be themselves and to play in public. Singalong with your friends – all abilities welcome!

ROOM A Southern Brunch & Open Mic. Silent Auction & drawing winners. 

6:45 WoodSongs Taping. Featuring KYukefest headliners Victor & Penny, along with Emi Sunshine and Dianna Chittester.

Schedule is subject to change. No guarantees are implied by the publication of this schedule.

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