KYukefest 2023 – Sept. 8-10

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Presented by Artworks at the Carver School and Lexington Parks and Rec. along with LexArts

Del Rey started playing guitar when she was four years old. At thirteen, she was immersed in the world of folk music, via the San Diego Folk Festival. She has tried to get a whole band onto her solo instrument from the beginning. This gives her music an interesting complexity, especially when applied to the ukulele.

Rags, blues and tunes of the early 20th century are her specialty, even as she writes new music to add to the tradition. Del Rey also has fashion sense that would make Minnie Pearl smile.

Using Appalachian mountain dulcimer, Native American flute, ukulele, and a looper, Bing Futch celebrates traditional and modern music with passion, humor, and boundless energy. As a nationally touring solo performer, he’s headlined at The Walnut Valley Festival, The Florida Folk Festival, Old Songs Festival, Indiana Fiddlers Gathering, The Big Muddy, and Common Ground On The Hill. 

He lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife, Jae, and a menagerie of rescued critters.

A confident melody line supported by scintillating harmonies is the rock-solid core of The Little Things music, but their particular dash of wit is what separates them from other ukulele duos. Katy Channing and Shanece Gransam developed their chops busking in New Orleans with a smart twist on recognized covers, and now their clever originals are getting noticed worldwide. They transform just two ukuleles and voices with a tight looping station technique, generating a lush mix of indie/folk and pop that has been selling out audiences.

Aaron Baer is a Ukulele performer and teacher, out of Oshkosh, WI. Known for his high energy and an
over caffeinated approach to music, Aaron has a knack for care free and exciting performances.

Mr Baer’s brand of music with a natural teaching style has been a highlight with beginners of all ages. Aaron specializes in Old-time, Jug band and George Formby style of ukulele.

Aaron Baer is a multi talented Musician who plays Ukulele, Guitar, Mandolin and Banjo. Aaron performs Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz and Vaudeville.

“Del Rey, who plays a syncopated style of guitar based on prewar blues and barrelhouse piano traditions,
is one of the best fingerpickers of this or any generation.” 

Ian Zack, Acoustic Guitar



6:30 Check-In Carver Center

7:00pm-8:30ish Welcome Concert at Carver (GYM) featuring Jonathan and his Four String Fiasco, The Little Things Duo, and Aaron Baer
(Ticketed Event. Free for those with a Weekend Pass or Companion Ticket )

9:00 Curated Open Mic at the Clarion – Free admission, cash bar and menu hosted by Colonel Uke and featuring 516 and



8:30 Check-In Carver Center


9:30am-10:30am CLASSES (TICKETED)
Class codes:  B/Beginner, I/Intermediate, All/All levels (Full Weekend Passholders May Choose Up to Four Classes. First Come, First served.)

C/Available for Companion Ticket (Companion Ticketholders Entitled to One Class from the Designated Offerings)



ROOM A (B) Bing Futch – You Da Drummer

Your strumming hand has a lot of work to do, especially when playing different styles of music. From bouncy island tunes to driving rock and roll and ska, there’s more than one way to strum a uke. We’ll get into many different techniques using chucking, muting, splaying and more. (Beginner – Intermediate)

ROOM B (I) Jonathan Piercy: That Feline Beat: Making Your Chords Move – Intermediate

That chord sheet might just say “C” or “G”, but that doesn’t mean your fret hand needs to sit still! Jonathan Piercy (of Four String Fiasco fame) will show you how to find more interesting sounds by moving those chords around. You’ll learn his arrangement of the Disney classic “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat” and talk about walks, slides, and other jazzy bits. Because playin’ jazz, you’ve always got a welcome mat! This is an intermediate workshop. Familiarity with basic chords and some barre chords will be helpful. 

ROOM C (A) Aaron Baer: George Formby Strum 

ROOM D (All) – Mim’s Care and Feeding of the Ukulele.
Take advantage of this opportunity to learn tips and tricks from Mim to make your ukulele as playable and tone-rich as possible.


10:15am– 11:15am

ROOM A (I/A) Del Rey – Ukulele Blues Party

Jugband and blues songs orchestrated for the ukulele, with playing and singing parts for several levels of player. We’ll work on getting that old-timey sound on your uke, with the right rhythm, chord positions and where to find the melody. Plus we’ll try and listen to each other and play together.  We’ll add parts for basic chords, strumming, picking and singing. Basic level: be comfortable and confident with first position chords and able to keep time while changing between them. Reentrant (high G) tuning preferred. By ear, no TAB. 

ROOM B (All) Bing FutchUkulele Disney

Take notes as I show you how to play some of the most magical Disney songs ever written.  Easy accompaniment to timeless tunes from “Mary Poppins”, “The Lion King” and even the Disney parks! Bring your mouse ears, your ukulele and note-taking tools as we analyze and demystify the magic of Disney music! 

 ROOM C (All) From Seat to Stage: Map out your musical journey with Mim’s Ukes – All levels
When you see people on stage do you think, “I could never do that!”  Well, sorry to break this to you, but EVERYONE can! From finding your unique voice, conquering your fears, stagecraft, skipping the school of hard knocks, and taking the stage like a seasoned performer; This will be a workshop about finding where you are now, setting goals, finding your musical self, taking the first step and you… yes YOU… will be on your way to taking the stage.

ROOM D (B) Mick Jeffries: Beginner Class (suitable for companion pass) Pick up your ukulele and learn the basics. You’ll be strumming along to a song before the end of class! If you need to borrow a ukulele for your lesson, please let us know!


11:20 Gather in the lobby to drive to the flash mob location (5/3 Bank pavilion downtown Lexington). Expect to pay for parking.
11:30 To 2:00pm Lunch on Your Own
Ukulele Marketplace Open
1:30 Ukulele Portraits with Professional photographer Patty Dawson 



ROOM A (For confident beginners and nervous intermediates) Del Rey: Introduction to Fingerpicking the Ukulele
Level: You are comfortable with first position chords and can keep time while changing them.

This class will show you how to position your hand for picking rather than strumming your ukulele. Your thumb becomes the time keeper, while each string has a finger to play melody. After some exercises to get started, we’ll play a C scale finger style, then move on to answer the question  “what makes the blues blue”? Re-entrant (high G) tuning preferred. By ear, no TAB.

ROOM B (I) Jonathan Piercy Teardrops on My Ukulele: A Taylor Swift Masterclass

Calling all Swifties! As a middle-aged dude with dad-rock leanings, Jonathan Piercy (of Four-String Fiasco fame) didn’t plan to become obsessed with covering T-Swift on the ukulele, but he just couldn’t help himself. In this workshop he’ll play a few songs from throughout Taylor’s eras, talk about what makes them great, and give you performance and arrangement tips for making them your own. Let’s make the whole place shimmer!


ROOM C (I) Bing Futch Ukulele Study In Song – “Sway”

This groovy song has been a big hit for artists like Dean Martin and Michael Buble’.  Now, you can learn it too!  We’ll begin with learning the chords and then I’ll teach you the secret of the “chuck” in order to get a percussive, slapping beat into your strums which will propel the tune into the dance floor mode.  Of course, we’ll warble the song as well.

ROOM D (B) Mick Jeffries: See the C. Explore the C chord up and down the fretboard..


3:30 – 6:30pm DINNER BREAK
Dinner on Your Own
Ukulele Marketplace

6:00-7:00 Ukulele Portraits with Professional photographer Patty Dawson 

7:00pm-8:30ish KYukfest Concert at Carver (GYM) featuring Mim’s Ukes, Bing Futch, and Del Rey
(Ticketed Event. Free for those with a Weekend Pass or Companion Ticket )

10:00 – Afterparty and Open Mic at Goodfellas Pizza
Free admission, cash bar and menu. Hosted by Jonathan and his Four Fingered Fiasco and featuring Richard Cisnaros and When Ukuleles Attack




ROOM A (I) Bing Futch Jam Along with Old Time Instruments
Have you ever sat listening to a Bluegrass jam session wishing that you knew enough to join in? Learn the ins and outs of bringing your four stringed friend to a jam session and joining in!

ROOM B (I/A) Del Rey: Blue Uke: Fingerpicking The Blues on the Ukulele
Level: be able to keep a 4/4 beat with your thumb while picking a melody with your fingers.

Many of the great 1920-30s guitar and banjo blues tunes sit beautifully on the ukulele.  There are also African American ukesters like Lemon Nash of Louisiana and Rabbit Muse of Virginia, with distinctive styles on traditional and standard jazz material.

 Using characteristic chord inversions and melody picking, we’ll learn  a solo finger style arrangement for the uke. Our goal is to play syncopated melody while maintaining a 4/4 beat with the thumb. Re-entrant (high G) tuning preferred. By ear, no TAB.

 ROOM C (B/I) Aaron Baer: Moveable Bar Chords Class


10:15 GYM

(All/C) Community Karauke. YOU are the star!!!!
Have you always wanted to take center stage with a full ukulele ensemble? Here is your chance! Your Karauke choices will include fun favorites and while you take the spotlight mic and strut your stuff the audience will dance to your sweet jams. Drawing Winners announced!

Ukulele Marketplace

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Looking for a solid starter uke, but you want to be able to try a number of different models?
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You’ll also find a great assortment of shakers, amps, and accessories.

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