Headliner: Danielle Ate the Sandwich
Danielle’s concerts are a real treat – it’s simply impossible not to be delighted by the experience. She’s also, quite simply, a fabulous human being. We have been trying to coordinate schedules with this superstar for years and are THRILLED that she will be headlining KYukefest! Her particular gift is as a wordsmith and we know that her workshops will help you hone your songwriting skills. 

Abe Lagrimas, Jr. is a multi-instrumentalist and 15-year veteran player who has a thriving career as an ukulele player. The Hawaii-bred 2012 Jazz Drums player and competitor attended Berklee College of Music as a drum set principal on a scholarship. In addition teaching a roster of private students for the past 12 years, Abe has written instructional ukulele books for Hal Leonard Publishing and Consonus Music Institute.
Members of the ukulele community know jeremy messersmith for his album 11 Obscenely Optimistic Songs For Ukulele: A Micro-Folk Record For the 21st Century And Beyond. A thoughtful, clever lyricist with a tender voice, the Minneapolis-based troubadour crafts songs that are catchy and relatable, and span the emotional gamut from poignancy to whimsy. This is Jeremy’s first ukulele festival (but we’re guessing that it won’t be his last).



7:30pm Clarion Hotel Bar
Curated Open Mic featuring The Wallace Sisters, Sam Anderson, and Kuke Kala Hawaiian Band.


8:30 Check-In
9:30am-10:30am CLASSES (TICKETED)
Class codes:  B/Beginner, I/Intermediate, All/All levels (Full Weekend Passholders May Choose Up to Four Classes. First Come, First served.)

C/Available for Companion Ticket (Companion Ticketholders Entitled to One Class from the Designated Offerings)


ROOM A (All) DATS: Soulful Singing and Playing on the Ukulele (30-60+ mins) ALL LEVELS
Loosen up your body! Free your spirit! Let your voice be heard! This workshop focuses on relaxing the muscles and approaching your playing with a loose and soulful attitude. When we find the rhythm in music, the movement in our bodies and the soul in our voices, we can concentrate on giving better performances and achieve a higher level of playing. All levels of experience are welcome, but we will use basic chords and play standing up and moving around. 

ROOM B (I) ABE: Chord Melody – “And I Love Her” (The Beatles)
This workshop is designed and will be taught for high-G ukuleles. Abe will teach you his approach on how to play chord and melody simultaneously and incorporate that high G-string into playing melodies. Learn how to take a song with a simple melody and transform it into a beautiful and lush solo arrangement. Participants must be able to play barre chords and use all four fingers comfortably.

ROOM C (B/C) An Obscenely Optimistic Class for Beginning Ukulele Players.
Jeremy is known in the ukulele community for a clever micro-folk album that is accessible to new players and engaging to players of all abilities. Join him 

ROOM D (All/C) Hula class with Debby Velasco.
Students will learn the folk dance of our 50th state, the Hula. Simple steps and hand motions will combine to tell a story. 

10:45am– 11:45am

ROOM A (B/I) ABE: Into to Music Theory and Improvisation – “Stand By Me” (Ben E. King)
In this workshop, you will learn about diatonic chords, gain a better understanding of chords within a certain key, and learn basic improvisation techniques. We will use the popular song “Stand By Me” to apply these techniques and learn why so many of the same chord progressions are used in so many hit songs.

ROOM B (I) Jonathan Piercy: That Feline Beat: Making Your Chords Move
That chord sheet might just say “C” or “G”, but that doesn’t mean your fret hand needs to sit still! Jonathan Piercy (of Four String Fiasco fame) will show you how to find more interesting sounds by moving those chords around. You’ll learn his arrangement of the Disney classic “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat” and talk about walks, slides, and other jazzy bits. Because playin’ jazz, you’ve always got a welcome mat! This is an intermediate workshop. Familiarity with basic chords and some barre chords will be helpful.

ROOM C (All) From Seat to Stage: Map out your musical journey with Mim’s Ukes
When you see people on stage do you think, “I could never do that!”  Well, sorry to break this to you, but EVERYONE can! From finding your unique voice, conquering your fears, stagecraft, skipping the school of hard knocks, and taking the stage like a seasoned performer; This will be a workshop about finding where you are now, setting goals, finding your musical self, taking the first step and you… yes YOU… will be on your way to taking the stage.

OUTDOORS (B/I) UkeFest Bluegrass Jam Toolbox with Jenny Morse of the Louisville Folk School.
Are you comfortable singing and strumming in your living room or with other ukes but daunted by the idea of joining a bluegrass jam? Then this is the class for you! Louisville Folk School instructor Jenny Morse offers tools and tricks to help you survive and even thrive at a typical bluegrass jam, even if you are the only uke player there. We will learn basic jam protocols, how to understand the Nashville Number System and get it to work for you, how to respond when random dudes inform you that the ukulele is not a bluegrass instrument, and much more. Bring a pick if you already have one.

Noon To 2:00pm
Lunch on Your Own
Ukulele Marketplace Open
Aloha Jam Room Open


ROOM A (I) DATS: Finding Your Songwriting Voice (60 mins+) INTERMEDIATE
This class is aimed to help you write personal and authentic songs. We will focus on how to write interesting and authentic lyrics, and develop them into melodies that fit into chord structure and form. Diving deeper into songwriting, our goal will be to begin to unlock your personal style and message as a writer. Beginners are welcome, but those with a basic knowledge of chords and strumming may find it easier to concentrate on the writing and singing aspects of this class. Please bring a pencil!

ROOM B (I) Jonathan Piercy Under the Covers
What’s the difference between a good cover and a great cover? In this workshop, Jonathan Piercy (of Four String Fiasco fame) will show you how to find the “finesse points” that can take your cover up a notch and really make it yours. In the second half of the workshop, you’ll have a chance to play one of your songs and we’ll talk about how to punch it up. Recommended level: advanced beginner to intermediate.

ROOM C (B/I) First, Do No Harm with Colonel Uke (Paul Curry) – Teaching beginner ukulele lessons that focus on the essential skills, without reinforcing bad habits. In this class you’ll learn some tips for ensuring that your ukulele beginners; get started off right, stay excited about practicing, and don’t develop bad habits that will frustrate and discourage them as they progress.

ROOM D (All/C) Lei Making Workshop: Debi Velasco
Students will complete a wristlet made with fresh flowers using the “wili” (winding) method.  No prior experience is necessary. Please note, materials fee: $5 

4:00 – 6:30pm DINNER BREAK
Dinner on Your Own
Ukulele Marketplace
Aloha Jam Room Open
Banjolele flash-mob.Location TBA Time TBA

7:00pm-9:30ish KYukfest Concert at Carver (GYM)
(Ticketed Event. Free for those with a Weekend Pass or Companion Ticket )

Featuring Mim’s Ukes, Jonathan and his Four String Fiasco, Jeremey Messersmith
<<15 minute intermission>>
 Abe Lagrimas, Jr., and Danielle Ate the Sandwich

10:00 – Afterparty and Open Mic at Goodfellas Pizzeria hosted by Colonel Uke
Featuring When Ukuleles Attack, and Richard Cisneros.Hula performance Free admission, cash bar and menu. 



ROOM A (B/I) ABE: Bringing Bossa Nova to the Ukulele “The Girl From Ipanema” (Antonio Carlos Jobim) This workshop will transport you and your ukulele to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro where you will learn how to play the bossa nova. Here, you will learn about the unique rhythms and syncopation of the bossa nova using both strumming and fingerpicking patterns, transforming yourself into a master Brazilian musician like Antonio Carlos Jobim.

ROOM B (B) DATS: Songwriting Basics (45 mins+) ALL LEVELS
In this class we will explore how to use your ukulele as a songwriting tool. We will focus on the basics of chords, melody and writing lyrics, and write a song together. Beginners are absolutely welcome, but those with a basic knowledge of chords and strumming may find it easier to concentrate on the writing and singing aspects of this class. Please bring your favorite writing utensil. 

ROOM C (B/I) Mick Jeffries The Beginning of the End
Lexingtones song stylist/arranger Mick “Mr. Toastey” Jeffries is back with tricks for making songs your own by tweaking up beginnings and endings, including chord voicing, percussion, and riffing! Please bring a “pocket tune” (personal, can’t-lose favorite), as we’ll try to go around and work up some start/finishes for each person’s song! (time allowing)

ROOM D (All) – Mim’s Care and Feeding of the Ukulele.
Take advantage of this opportunity to learn tips and tricks from Mim to make your ukulele as playable and tone-rich as possible. 

11:00 GYM (All/C) Community Karauke Strumalong.
Have you always wanted to take center stage with a full ukulele ensemble? Here is your chance! This strumalong will include fun favorites and while we sing and strum there will be also be a spotlight mic available for people to strut their stuff (you can continue to strum along, or just sing!). Mim will emcee and give prizes for the most outrageous performances and outfits. Silent Auction and Drawing Winners announced!

Ukulele Marketplace

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Vendors include:
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Countdown to KYukefest!